Crocker Art Museum

Landscapes of My Husband

August 16, 2021

We marry young in 1851 and while I bear and raise nine children Thomas Hill studies painting in Philadelphia and often travels to New Hampshire to behold and depict the best scenes and then, a decade later and alone, travels to California where he starts painting wonderful works of Yosemite and establishes a studio there…

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Mama Can Sing

April 25, 2018

Hey, I like that poster. It didn’t actually start that way, the original’s acrylic on canvas bordered by pieced cloth called Mama Can Sing, Papa Can Blow; Somebody Stole My Broken Heart. Faith Ringgold’s the artist. I don’t know anything about her but I like that hot lady she painted thick-haired, red-lipped, big-busted, arms-spread, round-hipped,…

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