Mayweather Invests in Himself

September 9, 2014

You might’ve been discouraged by eight to one odds favoring me to again beat Marcos Maidana but don’t worry, I’m going to teach you about prudent investing. Look at it this way. If you bet a thousand bucks on me you’ll earn about a hundred twenty. That’s twelve percent and damn good for a very-short-term…

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August 20, 2013

Sarah didn’t enjoy husband, family, or friends and had no interests save gambling and was happy to live near casino she rushed to three, four, five times weekly and pushed credit card into slots she played hours, stopping only to curse rigged system. She said this was best part of life so didn’t mind burning…

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A Rose in the Hall of Fame

January 13, 2004

Quit posturing. Quit pontificating. Quit fornicating around, you self-righteous dunderheads. Put Pete Rose in the Hall of Fame as soon as possible. Put Pete Rose in the Hall of Fame today. Put Pete Rose in the Hall of Fame retroactively and claim you had him there all along. Where else are you turkeys who run…

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