Bathroom Slip

August 4, 2015

At age eighteen Bill tossed everything into his old car and moved to L.A, yearning for a life of wealth, women, and major league sports close up. He knew he was destined for distinction, he just had to figure how to proceed. He’d gotten a job sweeping concrete floors and stacking boxes in a south…

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Invader Insect

June 25, 2015

Insect size of armored dachshund dashes across carpet where I pounce and thrice club with notebook and head to kitchen for paper towel. Insect has reincarnated and resumed running toward sofa I block into paper towel pressing to hear pop and feel lubricant taken to sink for thorough drowning and squeezing deposited into trash overturned…

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Immortal Bug

November 7, 2011

sleepless four a.m. bathroom bug smashed on wall morose five a.m. bathroom bug reincarnated on wall

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The Moth Strikes

April 24, 2009

Jason felt foul and too tired to get up when the radio alarmed so he slapped it and cursed the world he still had to wake early because when young he hadn’t done what later enables middle-age men to rise when they want.  On aching feet and tender ankles he stepped to the closet, retrieving…

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Crisis in the Sink

December 1, 2007

Harold wasn’t going to let them blame this crisis on shoddy housekeeping.  Granted, the aged food covered with starving ants on the floor between refrigerator and cabinet must have been his responsibility since he didn’t see anyone else throw it there and couldn’t plausibly explain who might’ve committed such an act.  That, at any rate,…

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The Ant versus the Spider

July 25, 2007

Harold’s apartment was small and messy.  He hadn’t vacuumed the faded green carpet in weeks and its odor suggested dampness and rot.  Even more distressing, books new and worn, tall and short, hardcover and paperback huddled in too many bookshelves, and papers were strewn all over a large drafting board, and all that was a…

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