That’s My Dog

February 28, 2015

They didn’t have to say it but often did: Herb, you’re awfully lonely here; why don’t you get a dog? He knew what they meant. They might as well have said, Herb, you’re chubby and balding and rather shy; we don’t think you can keep a woman. Herb agreed. That was the rough part. He…

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Newspaper Alert

April 16, 2012

Harold was usually nervous at work and home, worrying he couldn’t survive ten more years arrogant supervisors, indifferent coworkers, and rude customers, so started naps after work and earlier bedtimes and weekends in bed sleeping away years thankful to miss.

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TV Terror

January 2, 2012

big flat screen best tv ever owned but lacked size and high def most friends had couldn’t stand at big electronics store got even but week later wanted more and made switch smoking credit card and trapping home weekends

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