Portraits on Glass

August 6, 2015

I’m a little nervous before talking to audiences about my work but usually warm up and tell part of my story and then am ready to improvise and answer questions. This morning they come nonstop from about a hundred visitors, quite a few for an art lecture, at Bakersfield Museum of Art, in the gallery…

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Art Appraisals

May 24, 2015

To an interviewer who asked Mick Jagger if he had any art, the slender septuagenarian said, well, I just have several paintings people have given me and a few I’ve bought, but it’s definitely not what you’d call a collection, and they (the bad guys) know that so they never bother coming to my place.…

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Rescued by George Gershwin

May 10, 2011

In a Bakersfield month I lose twenty pounds eliminating milk and cottage cheese and meat and an avalanche of pies, cakes, cookies and other heart-clogging, prostate-bashing carcinogens, and switching to soy milk and fresh vegetables and fruits, and marvel that I don’t feel starved but worry I still haven’t abandoned the comfort and control of…

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Ryan Mathews Demolishes the Bruins who Ignored Him

September 28, 2008

Two years ago this November I went to see a Bakersfield phenom who was rushing for about 300 yards and four touchdowns a game against good high school competition.  I took notes and wrote an article and sent it to UCLA coach Karl Dorrell and three of his assistants, stressing Ryan Mathews wanted to attend…

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Jackie Robinson is Alive in Pasadena

July 12, 2005

Be careful.  Don’t get online and type in words that could summon photos of a gray and disintegrating Jackie Robinson days before his death at age fifty-three in 1972.  Even if you’ve just seen “National Pastime,” the acclaimed play about his life, resist the urge to research.  Instead, buy a large, home-baked cookie as you…

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