Middle of River

July 24, 2012

Don’t go in the American River, kids in our neighborhood were often told. There are branches, rocks, and an undertow you can’t see. Here, read today’s newspaper; another boy’s drowned. We still couldn’t stay out and swam whenever we wanted, never meeting danger until mature enough to drink Friday night. The cops yelled, hey you…

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Chevron Tests Aftereffects of Oil Wells in Ecuador

January 24, 2012

chevron swears did not contaminate land and water in amazonian northeast ecuador then have drink say plaintiffs chevron says not thirsty but water fine watch this throws rock does not sink Source: “Reversal of Fortune” by Patrick Radden Keefe in The New Yorker January 9, 2012

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Middle of River – Part 2

January 11, 2012

(This vertical prose has been rewritten in horizontally and posted on July 24, 2012.) stay out of american river kids in neighborhood often told there’s undertow you can’t see branches either here read today’s newspaper another boy’s drowned still couldn’t stay out of water nor could other kids swimming whenever wanted never meeting danger until…

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Roll Pretty River

January 10, 2012

where did he go in wonder what happened couldn’t he swim two days under you saw them bring him out what’d he look like that had to be tough

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Cold River

October 8, 2011

river cold and swift caresses trees whispering to my child

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