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Landscapes of My Husband

August 16, 2021

We marry young in 1851 and while I bear and raise nine children Thomas Hill studies painting in Philadelphia and often travels to New Hampshire to behold and depict the best scenes and then, a decade later and alone, travels to California where he starts painting wonderful works of Yosemite and establishes a studio there…

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Update: Kim Jong Un

August 13, 2021

Sometimes my devoted people love me so much they respond in ways even I find embarrassing. This has never been truer than when my recent loss of forty fat pounds prompted millions to virtually weep in the streets as they worried about life without their Dear Leader. There are times, though not many, when I…

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Excellent Review of “They Make Movies” on Goodreads

July 2, 2021

Thanks to Megan Rivera for her fine review of They Make Movies on Goodreads. Explaining her 5-star rating, Rivera writes: “This was a great book and I enjoyed reading about the actors within the book. The characters and storyline were phenomenal.” They Make Movies on Amazon

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June 29, 2021

one-twelve in seattle area one-sixteen in portland historically hot as hell all over coincidence?

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Feature Published about My Career

June 7, 2021

Jamie H. Vaught of Magazine just posted a feature about my career. Here is the first paragraph and a link to the magazine: “When I contacted author George Thomas ‘Tom’ Clark about his recently-published books, I was stunned to learn that he was originally from Kentucky and partially grew up in Bowling Green. It’s…

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May 31, 2021

The eternal writing and revising and formatting of THEY MAKE MOVIES have been completed. The marketing plans are in place. It’s time to play ball, and I’m feeling a little tense. So let’s throw out the first pitch and see what happens. Introduction This fast-moving collection blends fiction with history to illuminate the lives and…

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Willie Mays is 90

May 7, 2021

Willie Mays, the greatest baseball player who has yet lived, turns 90 today. That not only means the Say Hey Kid is getting up there but so are guys I grew up with who idolized Mays and still remember his scintillating presence. He hit home runs, he stretched singles into doubles, he stole bases, he…

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The Book Cover Has Arrived

April 29, 2021

I knew 100 Covers would do a great job but was still on edge until yesterday when they sent me this image. I’m delighted, and that energy prompted me to shorten a too-long introduction to They Make Movies and make it read like this: This fast-moving collection blends fiction with history to illuminate the stimulating…

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Revisions – Revisions – Revisions for “THEY MAKE MOVIES”

April 13, 2021

Authors know how difficult it is after writing a book for months or years, and doing plenty of revising as they go, and then facing the long stretch run that requires more revisions – far more than they’d imagined were still necessary. I’ve learned that doing each successive revision in a different medium helps catch…

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My Second COVID Vaccination

March 12, 2021

Yesterday I had my second COVID vaccination and, though my left shoulder is a little sore and I can’t sleep on it yet, I’m delighted to be moving into a stage that theoretically makes me much less vulnerable to the dangers of the coronavirus. It’s time to keep pumping in those injections and get at…

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Net Galley Reviews “Paint it Blue”

February 27, 2021

I’m honored that my book Paint it Blue just received the following insightful review by Net Galley member Susan D. Net Galley is one of the world’s most prominent online reviewers of books. “This is the first time that I have read a book by George Thomas Clark and it is like nothing I have…

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For Flynn

February 19, 2021

on sunny forest lawn fresh pink flowers lie across errol flynn caressed by lady lost in distant dreams

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