Facebook Flash

November 27, 2012

here’s picture of my buttocks fifty facebook friends click they like it

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November 24, 2012

I’m chief of Iranian Cyber-police but you don’t need name. You also don’t need names of three policemen I arrested and will detain while death of blogger Sattar Beheshti is investigated. You must, however, understand we won’t permit Iranian Revolution to be subverted by U.S.-fomented computer agitators. I guarantee Sattar Beheshti deserved to be imprisoned…

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Big Sneeze

May 10, 2012

After hosting amorous boyfriend Sunday night and pounding treadmill half hour early Monday morning, popular high school math teacher Martha H drove to school, parked car, and walked toward class, confident she’d have another great week. She sneezed after shutting car door, and nose and sinuses had tickly, cleaned out feeling that became more pleasurable…

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Evil Eye

March 6, 2012

why look at me like that email link only for aesthetic reasons

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Invitation to Brave Tweeters

January 24, 2012

brave men tweeting san francisco forty niner kyle williams should die should jump from golden gate should catch bullet should blow up in car because twice fumbled football are invited to next tweet at team headquarters Source: on January 23, 2012

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Concerned Citizen

January 9, 2012

eli constantly rails online denouncing greedy bemoaning hungry as shoves more food into belly

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Letter to my Cable Company

December 14, 2010

Dear Cable Company, Please excuse me for annually asking you to send a technician to upgrade my service from a “limited-basic” menu of twenty-one channels to the still-merely-“basic” package of seventy-five, and then a few months later recalling your cable guy, always a different one, to climb the telephone pole in my back yard and…

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Obama Activists Target Graffiti

January 22, 2009

The afternoon before President Barack Obama raised his right hand and strode into history, a few thousand action groups, summoned by an email Obama transmitted through his website, gathered in communities across the nation for the spiritual purpose of expressing unity and the utilitarian one of helping to rebuild a crumbling infrastructure.  In Bakersfield, California…

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The Most Difficult Choice

June 13, 2006

Only yesterday did I realize how harsh and mistrusting I’d been.  Only then did I understand I should have helped in December 2004 when I received an urgent email from Mrs. Rita Savimbi, wife of heroic Angolan revolutionary and guerilla leader Jonas Savimbi.  The erudite Mr. Savimbi, who lyrically spoke seven languages, dedicated forty years…

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