Willie Mays

Another Great Catch for Willie Mays

June 20, 2024

A friend just sent me a quote by an unnamed wise man who about Willie Mays said, “The only man who could’ve caught that ball just hit it.” Terrific phrase, and true. As a kid I in person saw Mays make many catches but the greatest was a sinking line drive to left center that…

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Willie Mays Forever

June 19, 2024

Some say Willie Mays died today but that can’t be true because Willie Mays is forever and I’ll continue celebrating his May 6th birthday as I did in these stories written on his 80th and 90th birthdays. Click here to read

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Willie Mays is 91 Today

May 6, 2022

Willie Mays, the greatest baseball player ever, is 91 today… Happy Birthday to the Say Hey kid… News Story GTC Stories from the 80th and 90th Birthdays of Willie Mays

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Willie Mays is 90

May 7, 2021

Willie Mays, the greatest baseball player who has yet lived, turns 90 today. That not only means the Say Hey Kid is getting up there but so are guys I grew up with who idolized Mays and still remember his scintillating presence. He hit home runs, he stretched singles into doubles, he stole bases, he…

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Tiger’s Many Aches

September 23, 2015

About fifty years ago a wisecracking Brooklyn-born barber clipping in Sacramento took a yellow newspaper article off his wall, handed it to me, and said, “This is for you. And don’t forget, despite all these injuries he’s got more World Series home runs than anyone. How many does your guy Willie Mays have?” Uncharacteristically, I…

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Willie Mays is Eighty

May 16, 2011

I can recall no adolescent experiences nearly as vivid and pleasurable as going to Candlestick Park, that cold and blustery point on San Francisco Bay, and watching Willie Mays play baseball. I first saw him live the last game of the 1962 season. With but three games to play, the San Francisco Giants had come…

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