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September 8, 2023

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Anne Frank on Tour and Other Stories recently received another 5-star and 4-star review on NetGalley, boosting the book’s total on the influential book review site to two 5-star and four 4-star reviews.

We hope these astute readers will also share their opinions on Amazon which, let us admit, is the focal point of the online book industry.


5-Star Review



Educator 1004199, Reviewer

This independently published short story and flash fiction collection was a hoot! I laughed through most of it, and moreover, if I may be frank, it was an overdue belly of snortish laughs I emitted. This collection is the sort that encourages the emission of belly laughs. For readers who enjoy a bit of snark, a bit of cheek, and a good dose of make-believe, Anne Frank on Tour & Other Stories will deliver on its eponymous promise of a “What if… ” world.

The collection opens with a section dedicated to “What Ifs”, titled “History” and a delightful tale of vengeance, “Sally and Thomas.” The title characters are Sally Hemings and Thomas Jefferson. Readers, I will leave you to discover the thrill of this tale yourselves, but know that it remits a great deal of satisfaction. Other sections are themed, “Love”, “Need”, “Excess”, and “Final Acts”, the last of which offers a fictionalized glimpse into the lives of certain long-dead celebrities. Some stories are lengthy, though not exceeding more than a reasonable ten or twelve pages; some are flash fiction, punchy bites of a few paragraphs (or less!) Most depict landscapes and characters amply familiar to ourselves: “Speed dating”, “Must Sell”, and “Online Doctor” for example. We know the people in these pages (perhaps they are ourselves, or perhaps we hope they are not) and all their flaws and funny quirks. Most of these stories are hilarious photo-realistic caricatures.

Some tales are surprisingly sobering, offering readers a respite from their giggles; but these tales might hit closer to home than one expects. This may be Clark’s special skill as an author; the subject matter of some stories is dark and perhaps triggering for some readers (sexual assault and gaslighting), but Clark delivers these messages with both humor and a powerful, succinct punch. The result is that the reader is disarmed by their own humor and left with a fading whisper of a giggle to assuage them in the aftermath of the trauma they’ve just witnessed the characters experience. In other words, the reader may find themselves smiling, recognizing the landscape of the story — and then, BAM, Clark delivers a coup d’etat, and the reader may then feel a little guilty for having laughed only a moment before. It is a rare skill to cause a reader to twist internally and Clark does it well several times in this collection. This is not a collection of tales for the sensitive or morally righteous reader. Be prepared to say, “Oh. I didn’t think this was headed that way.”

Clark’s voice is that of a matured storyteller, and it is unique. Fans of Neil Gaiman may recognize the confidence and the trace of dry humor. Fans of Margaret Atwood will appreciate Clark’s wit. Fans of speculative fiction in the vein of Ted Chiang will notice Clark’s imaginative approaches to things that never happened.

Recent 4-Star Reviews on NetGalley


Zoe W, Reviewer

Enjoyed this creative collection of short (some very short) stories. I requested via netgalley as a jumping off point to start reading again this summer after a short respite from reading to review.

What a nice way to get back in the saddle.

The author really captured the voices of each of his characters which was a delight and unexpected. The titular character had the same voice as I recall reading from her diaries back many long years ago. The other characters from Putin to Dolly Parton to Elvis are all covered here and with seemingly great care to not disrupt their professional spirit.

This is an easy read and a fun journey into what could be, could have been and what a character can be in a short story.

I really enjoyed it and it was a great reminder that a terrifically told story doesn’t have to be a huge diatribe. It can be a few paragraphs for the point of the story to be made. What a treat.


Markie B, Reviewer

“Anne Frank on Tour and Other Stories” by George Thomas Clark is a vibrant collection of literary short stories that explore a wide range of themes, including History, Love, Need, Excess, and Final Acts. Each story offers a unique and imaginative perspective on various aspects of life and human experiences.

In the section on History, the author presents fictional scenarios that intertwine with real historical figures and events. For instance, Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings engage in a revealing interview that sheds light on their complicated relationship. Anne Frank, the young Holocaust victim, is imagined to survive the tragedy and embark on a book tour in the United States to promote her famous diary. Additionally, an Austrian customs official is confronted with a traveler from the future, who warns him about his troubled son.

The Love section delves into romantic relationships and explores the complexities of human connection. Stories feature an adult female student infatuated with her male English teacher, lonely individuals seeking quick romance through speed dating, and a middle-aged man in a troubled marriage forming an unlikely bond with a hitchhiker who lives by unconventional rules. Other stories in this section explore themes of possessiveness and materialism within relationships.

In the Need section, the focus shifts to characters in dire circumstances and the lengths they go to survive. A homeless man called The Ragpicker explains the harsh realities of homelessness to a well-meaning benefactor. An aspiring screenwriter resorts to desperate measures to meet Dolly Parton for his project. An aging man struggles with financial woes, while another individual desperately searches for medical help to no avail. In a more fantastical story, mammals and creatures in Puget Sound take a stand against human encroachment.

The Excess section centers on the consequences of indulgence, particularly related to alcohol and substance abuse. These stories explore how drinking leads to poor decision-making and the impact it can have on various aspects of life. Sigmund Freud makes an appearance, trying to help a friend addicted to morphine through a mysterious white powder, and an American tourist in Mexico discovers the effects of magic mushrooms.

Finally, the collection concludes with Final Acts, where the author imagines encounters and reflections from iconic figures such as Marvin Gaye, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, and Jim Morrison. Through letters, diaries, and other forms of communication, these stories provide glimpses into the emotions and struggles of these famous individuals.

Overall, “Anne Frank on Tour and Other Stories” offers a rich and diverse tapestry of narratives, capturing the essence of human experiences across different periods and circumstances. George Thomas Clark’s storytelling weaves together history, imagination, and human emotion, making this collection a compelling and thought-provoking read.


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